25 Cleaning Ideas to Make Your Home Hygienic (2020)


In this pandemic situation, most of the people have to stay at home. You can spend your time working from home, connecting virtually to their friends and relatives, watch TV, and sleep. But, still you will get some spare time. So one of the best ways to cut through your boredom is to make your house look even better than before. 

Furthermore, cleaning and disinfecting your house will keep away various types of germs. All you have to do is to start with a particular room. From there you will go around all the rooms in your house and clean them. Before that, you must not forget to wear a pair of gloves. 

Cleaning Ideas to keep your Home Neat and Tidy

If you are confused about how to do it? Or, how can you start? Here are some of the cleaning ideas. This will be beneficial for you to carry out the entire operation without any difficulties. Or else you have an option to Call the Best Cleaning Company in Dubai.

So, let’s start with some of the most important cleaning tips based on household items. 

  1. Use Baking Salt and Lemons

In the entire house, your kitchen has the highest probability of germ deposits. That is why you have to use salt and lemons to clean the entire kitchen. Also, deposit the garbage in the dustbin to avoid the spreading of bad odors.

  1. Clean your Humidity Accelerator

You might be having a machine that is used for controlling and regulating room humidity. So, there is some water residue inside it. The water might become dirty and invisible germs can give grow. Use white vinegar to swipe up the places and clean the humidity accelerator too. 

  1. Furniture Cleaning Solutions

Cleaning your home also means that you have to clean the furniture. Use baking soda for cleaning your sofa. It will wipe out all the dirt and kill the germs as well. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner for the sofa cleaning purpose. 

  1. Remove Unwanted Paints

Sometimes while painting, fresh paints can fall on your clothes accidentally. Simply washing it will not eliminate it. That is why take a blade fixed in a razor and wipe the paint out slowly. Make sure that it doesn’t damage the cloth. 

  1. Clean your Doors and Windows 

Cleaning your doors and windows is one of the main parts of the entire cleaning process. Our best recommendation is to use a freshwater mixed with vinegar. Gather a good quantity of the mixture and clean them one by one. 

  1. Clean the Wooden Surfaces

Never clean the wooden surfaces with water. It will eventually destroy the wood. Instead of that, apply your hairdryer on the spotted surfaces. The heat will break down the dirt particles. Then, wipe it out with a piece of cloth. It is better if you can do it by dipping the cloth in a liquid disinfectant. 

  1. Remove Dirt from your Carpet

A vacuum cleaner is the best option for you to clean your dirty carpet. If there are oil stains somehow on the carpet, then use baking soda to scratch and clean them. Make sure, you also clean the remaining soda on the carpet to ensure complete cleanliness. 

  1. Take care of your Floor

If the floor of the room is made up of a baseboard or similar structure, then you have to put lots of effort into maintaining it. It is better that you get a bunch of dryer sheets. After washing the baseboards, place the sheets to let the boards dry. 

  1. Clean your Cupboards

Generally, cupboards in your kitchen, dining room are made up of wood. That is why you should never apply water on them. Vegetable oil and baking soda will do a perfect job. Mix them up, apply it with a toothbrush.

  1. Remove Debris from your Mixture Grinder

Fill your mixture grinder pot with water and put a couple of drops of dish wash soap. Run it for a few seconds and then throw the water out. After that, clean it with fresh water. This will remove any kind of dirt and germs from it. 

  1. Take care of Broken Glass

It can always happen that any glass items can slip through your hands. Thus, this is dangerous. If anything like this happens, then take a slice of bread, collect the broken glass pieces, and put it on the bread. This will not scatter the smallest of the small pieces here and there that can hurt someone. 

  1. Clean your Lamps

After regular use, your lampshades can get dirty. In such cases, you have to get a lint roller to clean them up. Never use any type of detergent solution to clean the shades. The solution will damage it eventually. 

  1. Wipe Out Dirt from TV Screen and Monitors

Whenever you are watching TV, the picture gets shady. This happens due to dirt on the screen. Use coffee filters to clean them up. Make sure you do it carefully to avoid water penetration inside the screen. . 

  1. Refresh your Refrigerator

Keeping food for a longer period of time can lead to bad odor. In order to eliminate it, stuff a number of newspapers in the refrigerator. Keep it on for an hour. Then, dispose of the papers in the dustbin. 

  1. Remove Dirt from the Fan

Whether it is a ceiling or table fan, you have to clean it to get good airflow. Take a clean cloth, don’t use any kind of solution. Rub it off to clean it easily. 

  1. Take care of the Air Purifier

When the air cleaning machine is delivering you pure air to breathe, it is collecting the dusts and dirt in it. Open the air cleaner, take help of the user manual and clean it accordingly. 

  1. Sanitize the Sponges

After the cleaning process is over, sanitize the sponges with a good sanitizer. After that, disinfect it with a soap solution. Then, keep it safe somewhere for future use. 

  1. Clean your Pillows

Using pillows for sleeping for quite a long time can accumulate dust and dirt. A vacuum cleaner will do the best work. After cleaning, make sure you keep them under the sun for an hour to disinfect. 

  1. Clean your AC

This process might need the assistance of experts. Before calling them, remove the dust and dirts from the exhaust and the AC machine itself. Then, call the expert team to help you with servicing. 

  1. Clean your Gas Oven

Oil deposits in your cooking oven can lead to breeding of various germs. Gather baking soda and vinegar. Mix them in your desired quantity and clean your oven. After that, clean it. In the end, wash the entire oven with fresh water. 

  1. Sea Salt for Utensils

If you use iron utensils for cooking, then black salt or sea salt is far better than liquid soap or dishwasher soap for cleaning them. Always buy sea salt at a low price because it contains impurities. Those impurities are helpful for killing germs. 

  1. Clean your Kitchen Sink

In the kitchen, your constant working process can attract dirt forming debris. In case, if you are running out of liquid soap, vinegar, or some other ingredients of cleaning, then the wax paper will work just fine. Rub the entire sink and wash it with plain clear water. 

  1. Clean your Microwave

Get a bowl of water with a lemon solution. Heat it for about 2 minutes. Use a cloth to run the entire machine with the solution. Instead of a cloth, you can also use a wet sponge. 

  1.  Unblock the Main Drainage System 

Cleanliness is next to godliness. Your bathroom must stay clean and tidy with some of the important tips. Observe them carefully and do it accordingly. The main drainage system regulates the dirty water outside your home. Remove all the wastage inside it to let the water flow smoothly. 

  1. Clean your Toilet

No matter what, the toilet must be cleaned with great concentration. Select a good toilet cleaner available in the market. In addition to that, you can also use vinegar for cleaning the washbasins. 

Lastly, take care of your Gadgets …

In this crisis situation, you have to stay conscious about touching each and every object. When you come from outside, sanitize your hands first. As your mobile devices are the mandatory objects for communication, you must sanitize them carefully. Make sure the sanitizer doesn’t go inside the device through a mic or camera edges.

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