Meet With The 4 Rare Innovations That Can Reframe The Food Production

Food is the basic need of every single person and cooking is the most time-consuming part. But what if you get something that makes tasty food for you and does many more things at the same time?

Yes, that is possible. Today we’ll talk about the innovations that are going to make future food for us. Undoubtedly, technology has come such a long way for us that we can actually do anything with a machine.

Technology – That Can Cook Anything Possible

The single process of producing food includes several process incorporations that can see the post-animal bio-economy’s advent. It has adopted things like lab-grown meat, Blockchain, and 3D printing.

On the other hand, the animal husbandry and agriculture can be visible to the cellular culture and vertical farming. This clearly means that we could be on the borderline of the very innovation because of which civilization has been possible.

Innovations That Can Shape The Future of Food

However, the food technology is not going to be similar to the present date. So, you can understand how drastic the change is going to be. Let’s take a look at the innovations that are being worked on right now.

Food Production

3D Food Printing Is Going To Change The Taste Of Food Forever

TNO institution is working on 3D printing food and that is going to be a very interesting technology in the food technology sector. Over the last few years, food became an inevitability and necessity with 3D printing. So endless possibilities are there with the help of this solution. For example, texture, the taste of food, shape, and composition everything is going to take a different turn with this.

Here the developers have tried to link the 3D printing with the replicators in star trek, albeit in a slow and clunky manner. So the 3D printing will help you customize your final dish as per your taste and preference.

As per TNO’s foreseeing capability, the food producers, customers, and retailers are going to be very popular with this technology. Now, only the time can tell if it will annex the growth of robotic chefs or give them the compliment.

The Food Shelf Life Is Going To Be Extended With High-Pressure Processing

The primary focus of the food producers is to expand the shelf life without compromising the food taste and quality. This is a constant problem that is going on since the existence of early solutions.

For example, fermentation, smoke or salt curing, and many more solutions that have been surviving since antiquity. Visionaries like Lloyd Hall and Louis Pasteur have designed some more alternative solutions later on.

High-Pressure processing falls under the category of the brand new techniques that are going under development right now. This is basically a conservation technique that has the capability of exceeding the shelf life of the food products in future days.

It is a cold pasteurization procedure that will pack food into a high isostatic pressure environment (300-600 MPa) that the water has transmitted. The kind of pressure you find at the base of Mariana Trench, this is even more than that.

Grading Systems That Run Automatically Like The Aris’ AQS-System

AQS-system was the innovation of Aris that started delivering innovative food production. They used this unique system to grade and sort chickens in an accurate manner.

So the clients of Aris could efficiently sort chicken by color, shape, size and other preferences. This system alone can handle more than 12,000 chicken within an hour much more efficiently than we expect.

Therefore, you can call this ASQ-system the first of its kind. Here, a software program and a camera system work together in order to detect a suite of variations.

Missing parts, poor coloration, broken wings and many more profile deviations are registered here. Over time, this procedure can actually learn and improve itself on its own.

As another amazing feature of this ASQ-system is, it can collect product streams and products and feed the whole slaughterhouse operating system.

Aris has also executed the similar kind of systems in order to grind the plants like the orchid and the pot plants. In near future, they will gradually become the alternatives of the humans with a greater accuracy and efficiency.

Food Production

Beef, Chicken, And Lamb Are Going To Be Replaced Soon By Insect Protein

Eating insects like arthropods have been the trend of many nations all over the world. But only if we disregard the lobsters and crabs, this thing is kind of rare in the West. The Kickstarter companies like Exo are trying to bring this change by making insect protein bars common in our daily diet.

This innovation reached around $20,000 within 72 hours and finally was able to raise around $55,000 in total. As per the key players of the companies, insect protein is going to be the next-big-thing for the world. Undoubtedly, the chefs, farmers, and startups also involved themselves with a hope to make the bugs a competition to the beef. But at the end of the day, it is assumed that it may replace many more fleshes including beef.

In case, it becomes popular enough, it will gradually create a huge industry and will employ thousands of people. Exo is not the only kid on the block that is focussing on producing insect protein.

There are many more. Insect protein contains vitamin 12, around 60% of protein and much more calcium than milk. On the other hand, it also supplies iron and amino acids to your body.

Endless Possibilities

Looks like technology is coming up with new things everyday and surprising us with its rare innovations. Products like rennet and vanilla have already been made with the similar kind of strategy. So you can imagine how far the food technology is going to reach after a few years.

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