Best Smart Apps to Use for Your Home

Smart Apps to Use for Your Home

Smart apps are the leading trend for newer homes that want to be up to date with the latest technology. This is like having an edge with proper betting information, as homes being built today will have some sort of high tech support somewhere in the home. 

This means that homes can have advanced security, climate controls, and even additional entertainment. Check out below to see how you could improve your home and what apps you can use to get it done. 

SmartThings an Excellent Remote

This app allows you to turn your smartphone into a remote for just about everything in your home. You can connect various devices to sensors and control them. 

For roughly $300, you can receive a kit that includes a SmartThing hub and a handful of sensors. You would need to connect these sensors to various objects in your home, like a coffee maker or garage, and you will be able to control and monitor them. 

The technology is open, which means you can configure any compatible device to add onto your hub. Once you are connected, the app will even tell you if you have any issues at home. 

Having something remote that allows you to fix problems on the go, like the oven being left on, is a huge game changer. In addition, it can even help regulate things like your air conditioning unit if you accidentally leave a door or window open. 

Ninja Blocks for DIY Minds

This app is categorized under similar circumstances like the SmartThings app. These are tiny computers that use cloud technology to receive cloud input and you can react with them as you see fit. 

The app allows you to put sensors on various objects and to create your own apps to function accordingly. You have total control for how these objects work and operate within your home. 

The starter kit is $199 and you can purchase additional sensors for roughly $5 to $15 each. If you enjoy putting things together, this is an excellent choice for the donor yourself tech crowd. 

WeMo Saves the Day

WeMo is another excellent choice for anything that can plug into an outlet. The app is easy to use on both iPhone and Android devices.  

If you forget to turn off an appliance, this app can easily turn it off. If you want a fresh cup of coffee in the mornings, you can set it on a schedule.  

As you can see, it has multiple uses to whatever your mind can think of. It is actually one of the more cost effective options out there, at just $80 for the motion sensor and switch. 

Savant TrueControl an Original 

Savant was one of the first high tech apps to be featured on Apple’s interface. When you navigate the app, iPhone users will be able to notice the sleek design and familiarity within the app. 

The app communicates through a two way connection, like your iPhone and Savant sensor. Remote access is available through wifi, which allows your devices to be connected. 

Savant allows you to change other features within the app, such as colors, backgrounds, customizations, and even channel favorites. This gives users the freedom to make their app more like home without being too complicated or lacking any personal touches. 

Nest is a Great Starter App

Nest is a popular home climate control app that allows you to make changes on the go. If it happens to drop to freezing temperatures on your way home after work, you can adjust the temperature to a nice and warm climate at home. This is one of the biggest selling points to customers and the ability to change the climate at any time. 

The price starts at $250 and then another $119 for someone to install it, unless you do it yourself. Even with the high price point, it is one of the easiest and straightforward apps for your home on the market. 

If you are not yet ready to make the jump to other technical apps, this one is great for anyone. No matter how good you are with apps, this one can be used by anyone.  

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