Best Televisions in 2022

Best Televisions in 2022

The NCAA Tournament is concluding, and that means baseball season is on its way. Before you know it, football will be here, and that means a lot of time on the couch watching the games throughout the fall. When you make your predictions today for who will be winning the Super Bowl, do not forget that you must have a great television to enjoy football season.

There are so many football games that happen throughout the year. Football is the best sport in the world, but without a great television, you will likely hate the sport. This is the last thing you want, so if you are in the market for a new television, you have come to the right location.

Here are the best televisions money can buy in 2022!


There is no better television on the market than the LG C1. The C1 is available in 48-, 55-, 65-, and 77-inch models. When you look at this model, you will be taken back by the stunning colors. Additionally, the technology in the television will help the monitor stay fresh for years.

When you are investing money in televisions, you want something that will last, and the LG C1 will define longevity over time. The black highlights on the LG C1 really pop when you look at the HDR and colors throughout the screen.

The monitor will always display rich colors that are appealing to the eyes. As many televisions are in today’s world, the LG C1 is equipped with a webOS technology. This is LG’s internet connection, so you can watch all your smart apps from the screen.

The one reason to stay away from this television is if you are planning on displaying it in a bright room. The LG C1 makes it seem like you are at the movies, and you would never watch a film in a bright room. Keep your room design in mind when preparing to buy this screen.

TCL 6-Series with Roku

A built in Roku feature is a perk of any television on the market. A Roku is one of the streaming services that allow you to watch various apps like Netflix. The picture quality is not going to be as good as the LG C1. There is a noticeable difference, but the value is much greater with this television.

The brightness and color are not bad for the price of the television. The one area where this television falls short is with the internal speakers. This is one way TCL was able to cut costs. If you want a great viewing experience, you will need to purchase an external speaker.

However, your cost will still be much smaller than a television like the LG C1. It will also still provide you will a great viewing experience. There is one lower model than the six series, which is under $500. I do not recommend this tension unless you want a budget model.

Samsung QN90A

We realize that many times you are going to display a television in a bright room. I am sure lots of people reading are trying to set up their ideal man cave, which may not be well lit. However, many times these large televisions will go in family rooms with a lot of brightness.

If this is your case, you are reading the correct section of this article. The Samsung QN90A is the perfect monitor for bright rooms where sun is a frequent issue. Samsung designed this television with sun in mind.

There will often be issues with high contrast scenes, but it thrives in bright situations. You had to give up one aspect of the television viewing experience to cater to bright rooms. The brightness on the television is very noticeable, and you will be pleased when the light shines through the windows.

You will no longer need the drapes to barely see the screen with the Samsung QN90A. Best of luck finding your new television for NFL Sundays!


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