How Blockchain Technology Is Used To Track The Global Food Supply Chain

Blockchain Technology

A Blockchain is a public cloud and also a transparent and tamper-proof digital ledger. The Blockchain is used for business which gives a way to execute the transactions. A customer uses the IBM Blockchain to frame suitable blockchain networks.

Blockchain has three qualities, which are: It is distributed, it is permissible, and it is immutable. These three qualities make the blockchain better and easy for business. It provides a shared system which will help to record among business network members. Every member of the network has the capacity to access the privileges.

IBM declared an association with 10 food procedures like Dole, Driscoll’s, Golden State Foods, Kroger, McCormick and company, Nestle, Tyson Foods, Unilever, and Walmart to focus the area which is most urgent in the global food supply chain. Retailers get help from it through the application of blockchain. The Food Trust system of IBM is such a kind of solution, which is based on the IBM blockchain.

Blockchain Technology

What is Blockchain Technology?

If we focus on the Italian passion for the food industry, we will use blockchain technology so that customer can come to know that they are eating approx food, which is actual Italian food. And when a buyer buys a cheese product from an e-commerce seller, there is a QR-code on the product. However,  each and every QR-code is uncommon.

Additionally, the code produces the product details, in which the customer will come to know everything about the product. Even he or she will come to know the duration from manufacturing to delivery process.

The blockchain technology can bring transparency, trust, and validity to the world, and this is the main significant advantage of the blockchain technology. Whereas, even the customers can see the effect that whether the goods have a good environment while manufacturing, as because the blockchain is totally transparent. Furthermore, you can draw back the product details which will tell you the lifestyle of the product, which will help you to sort out the main problems of the vegan community nowadays.

People use the blockchain because it will give you the opportunity to enjoy a transparent supply chain and food tracing marketplace without any fees from intermediator.

Blockchain Technology Helps you with?

It helps you in many ways like it creates new business value, optimizes ecosystems, reduces risk.

Create new business value: Blockchain helps you to create more efficient and enterprise business models. For it, the organizations can improve the business processes and can research new opportunities.

Optimize ecosystems: It promotes the transactions with suppliers, partners, and customers. It also helps the streamline to develop the business processes and transactions.

Decrease risk: Your business process network builds the transactions with blockchain using an immutable ledger. The system of blockchain reserves the data of many food items. The blockchain is used by the IBM Food Trust to associate the participants through a shared record of food origin details, shipping details etc.

How does blockchain work?

It creates an irreversible and immutable chain. The blocks are chained together which prevents any block to be altered or inserted between two existing blocks.

At present, on the IBM Food Trust platform, there are almost 350,000 food data transactions. It allows the customers to form a meal from the products. The products are going through the blockchain networks. These items produce lots of food items like vegetables, meats, various spices, fruits etc.

We bring trust and transparency through IBM Food Trust to the industry on the blockchain. Further, Network participants will be able to track everything possible.

Fish fillets are also connected with this, and there is a QR-code on the packaging of fish fillets, consumers can check all information by scanning that QR code. You can come to know that how you can catch a fish. Further, You can trace fish back to its origins by using the blockchain, which is an ideal use case for the IBM Food Trust platform. Similarly, even you can follow the IBM’s direction to trace food back to its origin by applying blockchain technology.

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