Five Mega Trends| You Should Follow to Shape The Food Industry

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We all are foodies, aren’t we? Have you ever thought a world without MCDONALDS, KFC, Baskin Robbins? Junk food is all we want, From Italian pizzas to American french fries. But foods won’t remain the same in the future. Our food habit, diet, and a lot of other things are going to change in the coming years! check out the top megatrends that will shape the future food industries.


TOP 5 Mega Trends to Shape the Future Food Industry

Trends are very important and recently customers are more interested in healthier foods at a low price. The food industries today is one of the largest industries. It is a competitive world out there, everyone wants to earn money with the new trend of technology. So, these industries need to implement new things to attract new customers.  Some of the new trends that will shape the future food industries are:

1. Marketing and Strategy:

  • Seek Customer Attraction:  One trend that we all know of, number of restaurants and snack corners in every corner of the street. In the last 5 years, many new restaurants and bars were opened recently.  We all love to socialize and flaunt on Instagram. Would you like to visit the same place over again? Teenagers and youth love to visit theme based restaurants which have become a major source to attract customers. This is nothing but a marketing strategy to attract customers.
  • The Homemade Food: This is a new way to attract customers. Think of the students and people who work in a distant country. Also, people who don’t like to dine much outside, this is the hoarding that will attract them.  As it is believed that homemade food is prepared with love.
  • Food Safety and Health: We will be more conscious about the food and diet in coming years.  People refuse to visit Mcdonalds and KFC and started to accept protein shakes and salads instead. Our health and fitness depend upon the intake of the food we consume. Thus, many are saying yes to canned food. Canned food is the next thing that we will adapt very soon.
  • Platforms of Experimentation: The weird combination of food has always attracted people to keep them engaged for a long time. It is fun when you try a new dish. It changes your taste bud. The unusual combination of food has always attracted customers. Recently, the introduction of the new ice creams rolls has escalated to a new peak. people all over the world are craving to try this fun food invention.

2. Budget Spending:

It has been surveyed that people spend more money on eating food and beverages. In the coming years, people will spend money wisely. Check out the ways how to control your money from overeating.

  • Food as Medicine: There are many diseases that need to be treated well. Medicines are not the only option. It is necessary to consume a healthy diet in order to cure your beloved of the severe chronic disorders and other harmful diseases. In the coming days, people will switch to ayurvedic food. The Ayurvedic foods maintain a healthy blood pressure, a healthy diet and lower the cholesterol levels.
  • Heavy Breakfast: Food habits are changing continuously.  Earlier, people used to skip their breakfasts. But now, it has been noticed that people in the US and the UK prefer heavy breakfast and light lunch. This keeps your body-weight balanced and keeps you well and energized throughout the day.
  • Less is Sufficient: Serving the right amount of food is the best thing one can give. Don’t consume more food. Always try to have less amount of meal and eat in less interval of time. Add fruits every day in your meal to avoid diseases.

3.Introduction of Vegan Food:

Food affects mental health. Many are switching to vegan food.  Going vegan is the biggest food trend, each year a good number of people are going vegan, over 7 million people consume a vegan diet. By 2050, half of the population will turn into vegan due to animal rights. Vegan diets are well planned and people stay healthy by consuming a nutrient diet. It is believed in the coming days, half of the population will turn to Vegan. Things you need to follow to turn into a vegan:

  • Add more Plants and Veggies to your diet.
  • Say no to meat, fish etc
  • Consume more fruits, nuts, and cereals.
  • No to animal products like milk, cheese, honey, sausages etc.
  • Switch to almond milk instead of cow milk.

4.Product Planning and Development:

In order to have sufficient food and veggies, it is mandatory to develop more product plannings. And the need of agricultural fields is even more to produce a quality amount of crops and cereals.

  • Vertical Agriculture:  To maintain the food balance in the ecosystem, we need to produce more veggies. Farming indoors is not a new concept, as greenhouse agricultural technology has been introduced a decade ago. A new type of farming is been introduced. Product planning farming is known as vertical farming. This is a new and easy concept to grow crops all year round. This type of farming helps the ecosystem and restore its functions and services.

5. Technology Planning:

  • Manufacturing Machines: With the increase in population, we require a high producing food machines. Hundreds of smart machines have been invented in order to produce more packet foods. The number of packet foods will be doubled due to the increase in world population. New machines will be introduced to the society to reduce manual pressure.
  • Online food Service: Everything has become online now. In the future, you will be able to order your food and as many time as you want. In fact, big online shopping brands like Amazon, eBay are planning to deliver canned and packet food items.

food industries


To sum up, our food habit is going to change very soon with these new trends in the food industries. Maybe after 50 years, something more is waiting for us!!

Hope you find this article informative. Share it with your friends and let them know what foodie we will become in the coming days!

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