3 Leading Technological Innovations Changing The Restaurant Industry

restaurant industry

Indeed, development in technology is the answer to all your questions. From artificial intelligence to improved social networking, technology brings you a fun and eventful life.

Often, you tend to think that the present and the future belongs to the tech-savvy. However, one doesn’t need to be a gadget-guru to be a frontrunner anymore. In this regard, the restaurant industry is getting benefits too.

Admittedly, tech-upgrades make operations in a restaurant faster as well as highly efficient. Robert Grimes, CEO, and president of International Food & Beverage Technology Association believes in overall technological progress. Admittedly, your regular restaurants will soon transform into high-tech food hubs.

restaurant industry

Innovative Services Are In Order

According to Grimes, it’s not just about introducing the perks of technology into the restaurant sector. You also need to think about using these innovations outside of food service. That is, you need to bring the change right at the heart of the restaurant industry.

For example, several companies are already utilizing both hot and cold pickup lockers. Indeed, Grimes witnessed one such company in the NRF show in New York.

Never heard about pickup lockers?

Well, it’s a brilliant strategy that combines fast service with online pre-ordering and mobile payment facilities. You must have experienced this with the big-box retailers. For example, Amazon or Flipkart. Incredibly, you get the same feature with restaurants now.

Hungry at an unholy hour?

Good for you because you don’t need to worry about a growling stomach. With the tech-improvements, restaurants will serve you even better. Therefore, let’s have a look at what’s in store for you.

Out of the lot, the leading three changes are robotics, the blockchain, and of course, 3D printing. And so, this naturally comes as a massive technological leap for motels and restaurants. Without further ado, let’s get going!

Welcome the Robots!

Grimes emphasized the importance of robotics in the restaurants which are under experimentation. Also, it’s bringing a massive change in the customer’s attitude. So you see, getting to interact with a robot is a huge plus.

Pepper The Robot

Pepper The Robot is taking the food serving platform by storm. Amazing enough, it provides you with the menu details along with recommendations.

Oh, wait! First, Pepper greets you which (I am sure) will instantly lighten you up. Is there anything better than getting a warm welcome from a robot?


Caliburger, a restaurant franchise, is currently testing a robot named Flippy. It takes your orders just like Pepper. However, it can also work side by side with the kitchen crew.

Chowbotics Inc.

Also, you have the fantastic robots made by Chowbotics Inc. For me, this is the best example of merging robotics with the restaurant industry.

Surprisingly, the robotic prototypes of Chowbotics can prepare over a 1000 salads for you in just 60 seconds. Well, hold that look of surprise on your face. The robots can do this with only 21 ingredients. And surely, more is on the way.

Blockchain Technology

A few years back, Blockchain technology cane with a mission. It makes the operations of the food supply chain much more efficient. It’s already showing some promising results in the following context.

So, how exactly will blockchain help your restaurant?

Firstly, it gives you a robust infrastructure for virtual currencies. Together with transparency, it gives you exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, food supply chains and restaurants will be more dynamic.

With Blockchain technology, you get a digital record of the identity of goods. Therefore, you get a solid record of every food ingredient you purchase. In fact, this record tracks the entire journey of your food article right from the farm to your restaurant kitchen. Hard to get the two adjectives together, isn’t it?

3D Printing

Without a doubt, this is my personal favorite. Can you imagine converting a digital drawing of food into reality? Well, it’s possible AND happening too.

With 3D printing, you can prepare cakes, pizzas, pies, and other food articles quickly. But that’s not the best part. Indeed, this transforms the restaurant industry by providing fresh food instantly.

Often, storage and maintenance of food are the two massive challenges. Now, technology gives you the hack to solve the problem. If you are in the restaurant business, this lets you take a breather.


Foodini is a startup based in Barcelona. It is a benchmark for using the 3D printing technology in a correct and profitable way. Using the fascinating tech-innovation, Foodini prepares foodstuffs of varying shapes and sizes.

The Seven Cs To Follow

For proper integration of technology with the food industry, you cannot avoid the basics. Indeed, Grimes emphasizes on the use of the seven Cs:

  • Clarity
  • Convergence
  • Connections
  • Convenience
  • Choice
  • Consumer
  • Commitment

Follow these basic strategies of foodservice technology, and you are good to go.

Wait, it’s not over yet!

Apart from the three tech-innovations I mentioned in this article, some more are making quite a name too. You also have the following tech-improvements at your disposal:

  • Bluetooth Temperature Sensors
  • Kiosk Tablets
  • Digital Reservation Manager
  • Scheduling software

Therefore, the restaurant industry is evolving rapidly. However, correct management is needed in the long run. After all, blind faith in technology is never a logical decision. For success, you also need to remember the basic rule of seven Cs. If you are a motel-owner, make sure all your employees are trained to use these innovations properly.

Afterall, optimum results demand maximum efforts- be it a human or a robot. So, are you ready for a heightened dining experience?